Tips on making friends quickly in college

Looking back on my time spent at Iowa State, one of the things I’m proud of is the network of friends I’ve had the privilege of making.

If I were to list them all, I would end up writing a 20-page paper, double spaced with citations. But for many of you, you’re coming to a university where you might not know anyone prior to attending your first class.

While this may seem daunting at first, I have more than a few tips on the best and quickest ways to make friends at college.

During your orientation/Destination Iowa State
This is the first place you will meet the people you’ll likely spend the first four years of your adult life with. Usually, you’re going to have similar course loads and maybe even live near each other, so you already have common ground to begin with.

Through Facebook/Twitter
In this day and age, finding friends virtually isn’t weird. We are social people so utilizing social media to meet people in a safe environment will be helpful. Plus, you can look and see if you have similar interests, which creates conversation topics. Check out the Facebook page Iowa State University Class of 2022 so you can get a head start.

Sit next to someone new in class
This is the heart of college. We are here as students first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean you need to go through your coursework alone. Sitting next to someone new is a great first step in making friends quickly. You’ll have partner and group projects throughout your time here, so meeting someone in class is a great area to start.


Join a club/organization you care about
We all have our passions and interests, but we need the environment to perform them. From stand-up comedy to LARPing to build a snowmobile, there are plenty of clubs and students who share similar interests in these fields and more that you need to take advantage of. And if for some reason you can’t find that specific club you’re looking for, then create your own club and spread the word about it so others join, thus making friends there too.


Check out all the campus events
Here at Iowa State, there are plenty of on-campus events that you can meet people at. Using the above tips, going to a guest speaker, attending ISU AfterDark or checking out the Workspace are possible areas to meet friends. Keep your eyes glued to the calendar and maybe you’ll find your new best friend at one of these events.

Say “Hi!” to your neighbors
For your first year, you’ll likely live in the dorms with a roommate. You already have a live-in friend if you both are willing to respect each other’s living arrangements and schedules. From there, just leave your door open and say hi to all your floor neighbors. #MeekerSquad2K14


But the best tip I have is to: be yourself!

You are you! Of course you already know that, but you are original. And original is great. Never change who you are to make others happy, only change if it makes you happy!

I can attest that these are how I’ve made the friends I cherish to this day! You got to be willing to try something new while staying true to your passions and personality. Others will accept you and bonds can form. I can tell you how to make friends, but it is up to you on how you hold that friendship.

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