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Why DIS is the Most Important Three Days of College

Destination Iowa State is the most important three days of college?! That’s right!

Now I know you didn’t come to college to be told what to do and where to go, I get it. You may feel that college is a time to gain independence, and therefore the days of having your week all planned out for you are over. Well, you’re right…with one exception: Destination Iowa State!

Destination Iowa State (DIS) is a student-led week-long event that is designed to ease the transition to college for new Iowa State students.

Need more convincing? Here’s why you should attend as many events as possible during Destination Iowa State:

Meeting new people

This is a no brainer. Everyone here is ready to meet new people. Period. Wherever you’re from and who you were in high school doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you attend as many school events as you can the first week of college and introduce yourself to people… because the fact is: these are people you’re going to spend the next four years with! It helps to meet them! 🙂

Transitioning to college life

Transitioning into college life is inevitable. It’s just something that will happen over time. No argument here. However, taking advantage of the DIS events these first few days might make the transition a little smoother!

Learning your way around campus

In case you weren’t aware, campus is bigger than your typical high school hallways. Do you remember how nervous you were to navigate your first day of high school!? But there was really no reason to worry, right? This is because there are always people here to ease your transition. At Iowa State, DIS has a session called Clone Quest that allows you to simply walk around campus with Destination Iowa State team leaders as your guide! This will be helpful when you are trying to navigate your classes on the first day of the semester.

Free food

Taking advantage of every opportunity for a free meal is something you get really good at in college. And what better way to socialize and meet new people then around food!? Just another reason to attend DIS!

Free stuff

And as if free food wasn’t enough… DIS offers a ton of free prizes like Iowa State bags, t-shirts, and lanyards.









So let’s recap – Attending Destination Iowa State may arguably be the most important three days of your life! Okay, maybe not that important. But these first few days are definitely up there when it comes to your college experience. DIS helps you become acquainted with campus all while forming life-long friendships!

Welcome to Iowa State!

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