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Ten Ways to Get to Know Your Roommate!

Moving in with new roommates can be hard and getting to know them can be an even trickier task. Read on to learn 10 ways you can get to know your new roommate!

Meet up before move-in day – Meeting your roommate early can take the awkwardness out of move in day – a day that is already stressful enough!

Attend a football game – Football is always a source for social gathering and going to an ISU game is a must! In a stadium full of people, you are sure to have a good time getting to know your roommate and cheering among fellow Cyclones!


Game night – Invite your roommates, invite your friends, invite the neighbors and gather for a very informal and lighthearted game night. This will definitely create a humorous and low stress atmosphere for everyone to have some fun and get to know each other. If you need a game recommendation – Cards Against Humanity is one of my personal favorites!

Take a class together – While this isn’t always an option, if you happen to be in the same major try to coordinate your schedules to have one class together. Not only will it be nice to know someone in the class, it will also prompt future study sessions and therefore more time getting to know your roommate!

Share your food – Kindergarten or college, sharing food is one of the easiest ways to make friends!

Go get some food – Whether it be at the dining hall or out to eat, use food as an excuse for a social gathering.

Get active – Gather some people to go to the gym for a rock climbing session, pool night, volleyball game, or whatever it may be! Getting up and active will create a fun atmosphere where you can participate in common interests and make friends with your roommate.

Decorate your room together – Every room needs some décor and once you are all settled in, finding a common theme for your room might spark common interests. It may also be fun to pull off some DIY crafts if you’re both into it. Use Pinterest as your inspiration!

Movie marathons – Movies are always a great conversation starter. Ask your roommate what type of movies they enjoy and plan a movie night. Not sure if you like the same movies? Watch one of each of your favorites!

Become workout buddies – Making a point to workout together won’t only establish healthy habits, but it will also help form a friendship!

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