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A Day in the Life of Abby

Wednesday. Buckle your seat belts and pour some espresso, it’s gonna be a busy day.

7:30 AM: Alarm goes off.

I live on the edge and only set one alarm every morning at 7:30 AM. (I make my own cold brew coffee the night before as motivation to actually get up).

8:45 AM(ish): Catch a CyRide to campus

Thankful for the new #11 Cherry CyRide route.

9:00 AM- 10:50 AM: DSN 491 (Portfolio and Professional Prep)

My only class for the day is also one of my favorites. Today we’re talking about groovy portfolio websites and skyping with a former student from the Interdisciplinary Design program to hear about their post-collegeĀ adventures and get some life advice. Have I mentioned I love my major?!

10:50 AM- 11:00 AM: Breakfast

I make a quick stop at the College of Design coffee shop for a Cliff bar and a vanilla latte. So convenient. So delicious. Also, Cliff bars are my go-to quick college food and I usually buy them in bulk and keep one handy in my backpack at all times.

11:00 AM- 12:00 PM: Cyclone Life Office Hour

It’s time to BLOG! šŸ˜€

Work inspiration=cool light-up signs and coffee.

12:00 PM- 1:00 PM: Orpheus in the Underworld Production Meeting

This semester I’ve had the wonderful opportunityĀ to help with the ISU Theater/Opera Studio fall production of Orpheus in the Underworld! Production meetings are focused on the technical components of the show and overall production management. With tech week quickly approaching, this is our last meeting to cover all of the details from lighting, to the set, to costumes and make-up.

1:00 PM- 1:30 PM: Lunch

I take a CyRide #25 Gold up to Hawthorn for a quick flex meal of a croissant sandwich, carrots, a muffin, and some (not pictured) iced tea.


1:30 PM- 4:30 PM: AmeriCorps Iowa-4H Communication and Arts Projects

Today is all about the state-wide Camera Corps 4H program.

4:30 PM- 5:00 PM: Homework in Music Hall Commons

Music Hall is my second favorite building on campus and the perfect place to write a proposal for a website redesign that’s due tomorrow in my Technical Communication seminar.

5:00 PM- 5:45 PM: Dinner at Friley Windows

Liv and I grab some food at Friley Windows becauseĀ they’re doing an Iowa County Fare featuring lots of fresh produce. We frantically run to catch a bus to get to Fisher Theater afterward.

6:00 PM- 9:30 PM: Orpheus in the Underworld Rehearsal

Tonight is our last run of the entire show before tech week starts! Performances are the first weekend in November and it’s going to be an incredibly fun and strange show. I’m always blown away by the talented cast in rehearsal.

9:30 PM- 11:00 PM Burritos at PancherosĀ 

A group of us decide to go to Pancheros after our rehearsal for some late night burritos. An excellent, queso-filled way to end the day.

11:30 PM- Bed. Sleep. Whew.

…My day is not always this back-to-back busy. But, I do enjoy being involved in a lot of things and sometimes it makes my schedule a bit of a puzzle. As long as there’s time to eat meals, catch up with friends, and relax at the end of the day, it never feels too crazy. šŸ™‚


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