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By now we are just past mid-terms here at Iowa State, which means that the last few weeks has been full of a lot of tests, project and time spent in the library.

If we’re being really honest here, I am relatively new to the library scene. I really only went to the library for recreational purposes during my first few years at Iowa State. This year, however, I have been crazy busy which means that some of my homework gets postponed until the last minute when I literally have to go to the library to do it or it will not get done.

The hardest part about studying at the library is finding the right place. Some areas of the library are a lot quieter, some are a lot more comfortable, some don’t allow food and so naturally, it can sometimes be challenging to find the “right” spot.

Here are my list of favorite places and what I use them for:

Third floor, facing the windows 

This is the perfect place to study with friends, or if you just need to look through your calendar and get organized on a Sunday afternoon. The tables here are really big which allows you to spread out, there’s access to plug-ins and it isn’t too quiet so you can feel comfortable talking. There’s also just a lot going on here generally, so if you don’t want to be too focused it’s good for that, too.

Fourth floor, individual side booths

This is for real deal, research project studying. These little side cubbies allow you to kind of be closed off from what’s going on around you, and are tucked in the back of the floor where theres no real distraction. They also have shelves and a lot of desk space which is convenient if you’re using a lot of textbooks.


This is the best place to write a serious paper. It’s quiet, tucked away from the rest of the library to avoid distraction, but doesn’t have a ton of desk space. However, if you just need to type out a paper, it’s the perfect fit.

Side booths, third floor 

These booths are perfect if you need to work on homework but also want to hangout with a roommate. They have two seats but are still closed in which makes them perfect for conversation. They also generally have outlets which is super convenient.

There are plenty of other great places to study in the library as well, but these are just a few of my favorite highlights. Find your place and then get to the library early to claim it and be productive as possible.



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