Rainy Day Field Trip

Hey everyone!

In case you haven’t read my blogs before, I am a senior in journalism and performing arts. One of the requirements for my journalism major is modern dance composition. In this class we learn the principles of choreographing dance and how to use the body to compose pieces and tell a story.

This week I was fortunate enough to take a field trip with my class to Reiman Gardens to see the Wind, Waves & Light sculpture exhibit. Each of the sculptures included some type of movement, and so the goal was to look at the sculptures and then take about movement, form and the way that those principles were used in the pieces and how we can incorporate them into our work.

The reason I wanted to write this blog post about our field trip was because Reiman Gardens admission is free to Iowa State students with your student ID. I think it is seriously one of the most under-utilized things available to us as students. The gardens are gorgeous, and even thought it was raining while I was there, they also have multiple indoor gardens for visitors to look through.

The highlight for me and my friends was probably the butterfly garden, which features a ton of different species of butterflies. It’s so peaceful to just walk through the gardens while butterflies flit around you. This is just one example of the many different benefits that come with being an Iowa State student, and now that it is my senior year I’m going to try and do a much better job of all of these resources in my final year in Ames.

Have a good week!


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