This is Not a Pipe Dream

Hi everyone!

Last week was “tech week” for ISU Theatre’s production of This is Not a Pipe Dream. If you’ve never heard of tech week before, it is the week right before performances when we add all of the technical elements to the show. This involves lighting, set, sound cues, costumes, makeup, wigs, and pretty much any other element that you can imagine.

In theatre this is generally known as a really tiring and rough week. It can involve really long rehearsals, reworking things lots of times in a row, late nights and it can just be kind of taxing. This is especially true in educational theatre when you are doing all of that work on top of a full course load and having a job. However, it is also one of the most exciting weeks of doing a show because you start to see the show really come together and take shape.

This show is really fun because it is actually a children’s show, but it deals with some really adult themes and ideas. The contrast between those two has been really fun to play with and explore. This show has also been exciting because our cast is made up of a lot of people who are either freshman, or have never been involved in an ISU Theatre production before. It’s fun to watch them experience for the first time, and to remember how special it was the first time that I was in a show here (especially now that I am a senior).

If you are interested in coming to the show, you can find more information here. I’m super excited to open the show, and let audiences see all of our hard work!



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