Holidays on Campus

Hi everyone!

We’ve entered dead week and finals week is coming soon. This time of year is always a tough one. Coming back from a week-long break to go back to the stress of classes, finishing projects and taking final tests is definitely not easy, and getting motivated during this time period is always hard.

However, it is also the time that falls in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means ultimate holiday festivity time. I think that one of the hardest things about being away at college can be missing out on the routine and traditions that living at home with your parents provided you.

Looking back on my college career, I’m so grateful for the traditions that my friends and I started to help ease the transition process and also create special moments for us to remember and look forward to throughout the year.

Here are three of my favorite holiday traditions that my friends and I have:

1. Friendsgiving- My friends and I began this tradition during my sophomore year. At that time I was in my first year of living off-campus with my roommates Sam and Tara. We all pick a specific dish to make and then come together to enjoy a real meal and spending time together. This year we did something a little bit different and had an Italian theme to our meal.

Our contribution to Friendsgiving this year.

2. WinterFest- WinterFest is an annual, on-campus event to celebrate the start of the winter season. The event features a number of different activities such as free treats, tours of the campanile and our personal favorite, Holiday Open House at The Knoll. My friend Tara and I started attending this my freshman year and have done it every year since. It’s so fun to see what it’s actually like inside of the president’s house, and they also serve the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

3. Christmas Card- Every year my roommates and I get together, do a little photo shoot and send out a Christmas card from our apartment to all of our favorite people. It’s always super cute, and makes us feel more adult than we actually are.

These are all examples of how special life at college can be, and how your friends can end up truly becoming your family. As easy as it is to get swept up in the craziness of finals, it’s also so important to remember to value the time you have with the special people in your life.




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