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Iowa State’s first Campus-Wide Closure Since 2014

The good news.

In case you haven’t heard, Iowa State canceled classes and university offices due to extremely cold temperatures! While some students used this day to catch up on schoolwork, I’m here to tell you that you deserve a break. But since the days have already come and gone, the good news is that you got to enjoy your day off any which way you wanted – and nobody can argue with that!

The greater news.

The university announced Tuesday that classes would be canceled beginning Tuesday and lasting until 12 p.m. Thursday. With dangerously low temperatures and wind chills as low as -50 degrees, the safest thing to do was stay inside.

The greater news:¬†Iowa State Daily announced that “there is no university policy in place to make up days lost to weather cancellations.”

My thought: These past couple of days were like free vacation days that only seem to come around about every 5 years. So, if you spent your days grinding to catch up or get ahead in school – good for you. But, I’m here to tell you to reconsider (you know for next time).

My advise: Take comfort in staying put.

My advice: Don’t do anything school if you can help it. College is a busy and stressful time. And my thoughts: you deserve a dang break! Don’t open your textbook or your laptop, don’t read the chapter ahead. Just enjoy one long and uninterrupted day to yourself. Clean your room if you want, maybe hangout with your friends, but don’t do or even think about anything school related. Or better yet, simply get motivated to do absolutely nothing. Just be, and enjoy it!

So next time the university decides to cancel class, I hope you consider taking a personal day. Because by all means, you deserve it!

Stay Warm!

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