by Abby

Campus Coffee Shop Deals!

Hello lovely Cyclones,

As I type this, there is a latte to my right and gloves to my left because it’s COLD outside. Gross. So, let’s focus on the latte. Now today just happens to be a Friday which means this beautiful cup of espresso was $1 less than it usually costs. And you thought Fridays couldn’t get any better.

Better yet, that’s not the only way to save money on your campus caffeine kick:

  • On Mondays,  you can get a 16oz hot coffee or hot/iced tea for $1.50.
  • On Fridays, you can get $1 off any espresso beverage (lattes, mochas, cappuccinos…) at campus cafes.
  • Any time you bring your own cup, you’ll get a $.35 discount on your drink!

(The $.35 cup discount does not apply to the Monday or Friday deals)

So, keep this in mind next time you want to treat yourself (and save the planet).

And don’t forget your gloves, it’s cold out there. 🙂

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