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Gelato and Coffee at the Hub’s Roasterie!

The start of a new semester brings many exciting changes for Iowa State students. One of these being the long-awaited reopening of the Hub next to Parks Library!

The new Hub features a very open layout with both long central tables and seats facing the windows. The design is both simple and elegant, ideal for grabbing a quick coffee with friends between classes.

The walls are decorated with cool artwork, too!

The Roasterie offers a wide range of espresso, coffee, and tea drinks, but that doesn’t make it your ordinary campus coffee shop. They also serve a variety of gelato flavors.

Yup… fresh gelato.

Best of both worlds? It just might be.

So Rachel (who you may recognize from my other posts) and I decided to try it out. I mean, how else would you celebrate a polar vortex than with iced coffee and gelato?!

The best part of ordering a cold brew is watching the creamer swirl into the coffee. True art.

We both ordered vanilla cold brew coffee and pistachio gelato. Now, I feel like pistachio gelato is a very underrated flavor, but it’s my absolute favorite. It’s not too sweet and is a perfect balance to the vanilla and coffee flavor combo.

If I were a pistachio, I would aspire to be a part of this gelato.

Overall, this was a fantastic place for an afternoon coffee break. The cold brew was flavorful and smooth with a hint of acidity balanced well by the cream and vanilla. If you enjoy the other coffee served on campus, you can expect a consistent coffee experience at the Hub.

Be warned, the seating can get VERY limited throughout the day, so just be prepared if you plan on stopping by during the lunch hour or mid-afternoon.

Stay tuned for when we try out the other half of the Hub, Heaping Plato, in the coming weeks. Until then, go get some gelato and java! 😀

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