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The Yoga Club: Reasons to Join a Student Organization

College life gets busy. Between classes, work, homework, friends, family and other commitments it can become a bit of a balancing act. So, why would I suggest that you add another thing to your list by joining a student organization?

Seriously, why.

Iowa State offers so many opportunities, and joining a club might just be a really positive experience that you don’t want to miss. Being a part of at least one organization can affect your student experience in a positive way because it gives you an alternative point of connection with students outside of your major!

More specifically, let me tell you a little bit about the club that I am a part of…

The Yoga Club.

So this semester, I decided to join another club. And I am so glad I did! I wanted to join a club that was purely for fun and was very low stress. And so, on my search for just that, I stumbled upon The Yoga Club!

What better way to have fun and relieve stress while meeting new people who are there to do the same! Seriously, best decision ever.

What We Do.

The Yoga Club meets once a week, every Wednesday at 7:45 pm at State Gym in the Mind and Body room. Each meeting starts with a brief ‘getting to know each other’ discussion, followed by an introduction about upcoming events. Then the rest of the meeting is a led yoga class! And if it couldn’t get any better, everyone is welcome to stay after to drink tea!

Talk about a low-stress environment – The Yoga club offers the perfect mid-week break that I need to balance out my studies. And we are always welcoming new people!

Organized Events.

Being a part of a club is about building a community and thus, we often participate in events outside of our normal meetings. This includes group hot yoga sessions at Ignite Yoga, sunrise/sunset yoga on central campus, and yoga under the stars at the Des Moines Science Museum!

(Picture taken at Yoga Under The Stars – Des Moines Science Museum)

So if you are a fellow yogi in search of other campus yogis, we would love to meet you! Or – if you are just looking for a low-stress environment and fun people, we would love to meet you too! Either way, all are welcome, so come check us out at our next meeting. The Yoga Club (or any club) will offer a much-needed break from your studies and, it’s fun!

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