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My Very Best Piece of Advice For Incoming (And Current) Students

We all hear the same pieces of advice over and over: Work hard. Go to class. Join a club. Engage in extracurriculars… But I think there is better advice out there that often goes unsaid:

Introduce Yourself.

It’s fairly simple. Instead of just going to class day by day without meeting your professor or those around you. Simply take the extra time to introduce yourself. If you can get into this habit early, the optimized benefits will make your college experience so much more memorable.

Here’s the secret: When you make the extra effort to get to know those around you, you will feel much more confortable engaging in those extra curriculars, or joining that club. Simply introducing yourself takes the fear out of all of those intimidating moments that come with becoming a young adult.

Be unapologetically yourself. Get to know your peers, your professors and your community. Introduce yourself and say hello whenever you see them. Form positive relationships just by having a conversation, and surely, doors will open. Before you know it, you will start building relationships that will last a lifetime. Forget about all of the other advice.

Simply find the value in introducing yourself; The rest will come easy.

Thanks for reading!

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