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3 Things You Learn About Yourself in College

Dropped out of the nest to learn how to fly on their own, students have high expectations for the next four years of their life. But what should new students expect to gain from their college experience? Personally, I found that college creates a space for self-reflection. Discover your passions. Learn to embrace change. And become confident in your unadulterated and true self.

Even more important than the degree, developing a sense of individuality is a benefit uniquely cultivated by the college experience. Below I will share my top three aspects of self-knowledge acquired through my years at Iowa State.

What you’re passionate about.

In high school, I was good at math and science. I was also a creative. And so you might be able to guess where society encouraged me to go… “You will be great at engineering,” they said. (Spoiler alert: I did not end up in engineering.)

The fact is, unless someone is forcing you to go to college, you are here because you want to be. And thus, you will quickly learn what gets you to class every morning (and what doesn’t).

The things you might have expected to really enjoy, might not end up that way. But college is seemingly endless amounts of classes to choose from and you might surprise yourself with what does intrigue you!

How to adapt to change.

Let’s be real: Life in college is in constant flux. I came to Iowa State thinking I was going to be an engineer. By the end of first semester, I dropped all of my engineering courses and entirely rerouted my academic path. Since then, I have been pursuing Industrial Design and couldn’t be happier! People are constantly changing their minds, their majors, and even their worldview… College quickly teaches you that life is full of unexpected outcomes; And when things don’t turn out the way you expected, remember that this is normal. Simply ride the wave and you will end up exactly where you need to be. 🙂

You are more capable than you think.

Being pushed out of the nest and into college can be a scary thing. I think everyone experiences some level of self-doubt during all four years of college (and beyond). You are only human if you experience rejection… and fear of rejection causes self-doubt in all of us. But it is when you finally prove to yourself that you are capable of all of those things that will be most rewarding!

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