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Dear All College Students: Do Something Different This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and if you have yet to figure out what you’re doing with the next three months, read this!

Many college students feel a lot of pressure as they try to fill their Summer with a meaningful experience. Worries about what will happen if we don’t get an internship can add a significant amount of weight to the end of the semester. However, an internship is just one option in the pool of opportunities.

So, what are your other options?

1. Internship

I must state the obvious. Although I am writing to tell you that this is not your only option, this is still a really, really good choice if you have the opportunity. Internships throw you right into the real world and with that comes valuable experience. Surely, try to get at least one internship before you graduate. But if you can’t, don’t sweat it…

2. International Study

Did you know you can continue to work towards your degree while traveling abroad? Yes – of course, you knew that. Studying abroad can be a great summer option if your major’s requirements make it difficult to go abroad during the Fall and Spring semesters. Not to mention, this is cheaper than studying for a full semester! So, whether you have been dreaming to travel abroad or you are just looking for a meaningful summer experience, international study is sure to satisfy both!

3. Volunteer Opportunities

Sure you might not be adding money to the bank, but committing to a volunteer opportunity for an entire summer can be a great resume builder as well. Similarly, if you can find a volunteer organization that shares your interests and skillsets the benefits can be just as valuable. Not to mention, your dedicated service will be much appreciated within the community!

4. Specialized Summer Courses

Another way you can work towards your degree in a meaningful way is by taking specialized summer courses. Often times, professors will offer courses or studios that aren’t offered during the normal academic year. These can be extra fun and might even include some travel within the states! And of course, there is room to work part-time so you aren’t in the hole after Summer’s end!

5. Work a Summer Job

Finally, working a summer job is always a smart option if you plan on going back home for the summer. Earning money while you are living for free at home can make for a much less stressful upcoming year. So, work hard – but don’t forget to enjoy your summer too.

So again, internships are great, but be relieved to know there are plenty of other options to choose from when it comes to your summer plans. Also, know there is no best choice, and whatever you choose, remember that it is only three months. College is the last time for summer breaks, and my advice to you is to do something different this year! So… Work hard. Work to organize your ideal summer plans. And if you fall short…no worries! It’s only three months.

Thanks for reading!

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