Iowa State and the Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa caucuses are the first contest for the United States presidential election. That means that we get the first say in the nation. The 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses and the 2020 Iowa Republican caucuses will take place on Monday, February 3, 2020.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Iowa caucuses, it happens before the presidential election. Unlike most states that use a primary election system, in Iowa you gather at your local caucus meeting to vote on candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties. 

What’s cool about our first-in-the-nation status is that many people view Iowa as a prediction of America’s political outcome. For that reason, there are so many presidential candidates that come to Iowa to campaign. A popular destination for many presidential candidates happens to be Iowa State University as well as Des Moines, Iowa.

For a lot of us college students, this will be our first or second time voting. It’s really important to exercise our right to vote because it is not a freedom that every nation has. We as citizens have the power to elect who we want to represent us as a nation, and we have the right to voice our opinion. 

This semester, I’m taking an experimental class as a journalism student in which we will be covering events related to the Iowa caucuses and candidates. I’m so excited for this opportunity because of the all the events going on in Iowa as well as my chance to learn more about the voting system. But regardless of this class, I believe that everyone should take part in their right and duty to learn more about who our candidates are and to cast a voice.

Sen. Bernie Sanders visits the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center on Sept. 8, 2019 to kick off his 2020 Grassroots Campus Tailgate Tour.

This semester, I encourage all of you to take advantage of our first-in-the-nation status. Go to the events on campus where candidates come to speak. Learn more about our candidates and have open discussions with your peers about what we want for the future of America. Register to vote, and most importantly, take part in the caucuses.

To learn more about candidates that will be in or near the Ames/Des Moines area, click here.

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