The Healing Colors of Iowa State’s Campus

As many of you may already know, Iowa State University is known for its beautiful campus. It just turned to autumn, which is my favorite season, but this campus is truly beautiful all year-round. 

I love being able to use the colors of our campus to heal. The environment is full of different colors, and these colors can uplift our moods and energize us. From the cleansing properties of different plants to the aesthetic benefits that they bring, I love being outside surrounded by the natural beauties of the Earth. College can be a stressful time for most of us! But what better way is there to cool down from the stress than on campus itself? 

Lucky for us, Iowa State is abundant in the vibrant plants and the colors of the Earth. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite colors that I’ve seen here.

These butterflies were hanging around on the flowers right outside of Troxel Hall. It’s a good thing that the flowers are still bright and blooming! This bed of flowers were full of orange and purple. Orange represents joy and creativity, while purple represents intuition and wisdom.

The trees outside of Hamilton Hall were telling me that the Earth speaks in colors! They looked like little apples, which made me so happy. Red usually represents ambition, energy and vitality. Meanwhile, the green leaves represent balance, growth and healing.

Oh, how I love yellow. For me personally, yellow is the color of happiness. Did you know that there is speculation that Van Gogh ate yellow paint because he thought it would make him happy? Yellow is typically associated with mental clarity and wisdom.

Our campus is full of little gardens, flower beds, and flower pots! I love the color pink, and Iowa State’s campus is full of it. Pink usually represents love and gentleness, which is exactly what I felt when I saw these flowers.

What are your favorite colors, and where do you see them the most?

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