It’s Registration Time!

We’re now into October, and the semester is halfway over! That also means that registration is upon us. I’m really excited to choose classes for my final semester at Iowa State! But since I’ve had to do this so many times, I thought I’d share how I go about picking and choosing classes.

First, figure out when you can start registering for classes. To check your registration start time and date, go to Access Plus, and click on the “Student” tab.

From there, go to “Current Student Info” and check “Registration Start Dates and Times.” 

You probably already got an email from your adviser about scheduling a meeting for registration, but if you don’t get one soon, then definitely try reaching out to them.

Now, we pick our classes.

First, I would figure out which classes you are required for your major/minor requirements. You can find those by clicking this link and searching for your specific major or minor. In general, I always try to get prerequisites and required courses out of the way as soon as I can.

Next, you can search for the times and days that your classes are offered. This is especially useful if you tend to be really busy or if you have a part-time job, that way you can work around your work schedule ahead of time.

I like to use Google Calendar and create different possible class schedules. This way, I can visually see which classes will work into my weekly schedule. Some classes are more competitive than others to get into, so I also like to have alternative options ready. 

Once you’ve come up with the classes that you plan to enroll in the next semester and you’ve had a meeting with your advisor (be sure to get your RAN number), you’re ready to go. Wait until your designated registration date/start time, and then you can start registering!

Again, log into Access Plus, go to the “Student” tab, and then go to “Class Registration” on the right-hand side.

Enter your RAN number, which you should have gotten from your adviser, and then start adding classes to your schedule!

Until then, happy autumn!

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