Autumn at Iowa State

It’s my favorite season at Iowa State again! Only this year, it seems we got a shorter autumn than usual. Nonetheless, I have captured the most beautiful season (I’m biased) to share with you all.

In case you didn’t already know, Iowa State is famous for its fall campus. From vibrant trees to crispy leaves everywhere and even the cool, crisp air, Iowa State’s autumn campus is an experience of its own.

Central campus is always so nice to walk through. The grass is covered in green, but the trees are bright yellow and orange!

I’m always walking through piles of leaves during this time of the year.

Autumn, meet winter. We were all surprised when it snowed the last week of October, but it grew on me quickly.

I was so surprised to see snow at the end of October, but hey, it’s Iowa!

What’s your favorite season at Iowa State?

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