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Hello! My name is Olivia and I grew up in Johnston, Iowa, right outside Des Moines.

I’m majoring in psychology and biology. I love writing, photography, shopping in the sale section, and going to concerts.

You can find me in random coffee shops or outside around campus taking photos.

I love meeting new people so if you ever see me wandering around make sure to come say hi!

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The CA Life

Have you ever thought about becoming a community adviser in the residence halls? I sat down with some amazing CAs to ask them a few questions and take us into their life as a community adviser.

Meet Taya!

Taya is entering her senior year as a psychology major and is currently a community adviser at Linden Hall. She’s also a mentor at the athlete academic success center, an LAS Ambassador, and an avid plant/succulent enthusiast.

What is your favorite part about being a CA?
“I get to see my residents grow and mature and I think that it’s really special. I really enjoy being a resource for others to use when they need it. I also love my staff team and spending time with them is always the highlight of my week. Mostly, I just love spending time with my residents whether that’s with an event or just evenings spent in my room.”

If you had any advice to give to future CAs, what would it be?
“My advice would be to be prepared for anything. There’s a lot of odd stuff that goes on and you have to be ready to take care of whatever situation is presented to you. I would also say to lean on your staff team. Ya’ll are truly in this together so don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

What’s the best story you have being a CA?
“Linden has been a pretty well behaved building for the most part this year! But I guess one time Francis (a fellow CA) and I were doing rounds when a resident approached us about a duck in the kitchenette. There were feathers all over and there sat a dead duck in the trashcan. It was pretty gross and overall a very confusing evening.”

Meet Logan!

Logan is a junior in construction engineering and a current Eaton Hall community adviser. He also is a member of AGC and NAHB and works with Habitat for Humanity to build houses around Ames!

Why did you become a CA?
“I became a CA first and foremost to help pay my way through college. It has helped a lot and I enjoyed it once I became apart of it but it perked my ears when I was told about it because it was free housing.”

If you had any advice to give to future CAs, what would it be?
“Do NOT take things personal when you are talking with a resident. The beginning is always a little funky because in their mind, you aren’t another student, you’re their supervisor and they don’t see you as a friend or just another college kid struggling along. So if it starts out rough and there are little to no interactions with residents, keep on pushing and keep talking to the ones you do see.”

What’s the best story you have being a CA?
“Another CA, Micheal, and I were doing rounds over the weekend and he was given the residence hall Snapchat account so all night long, he and I went around the building and had some short skits, some great interactions with residents, and a heated game of ping pong where Micheal lost to his own resident.”

Meet Micheal!

Meet Micheal! Micheal is also a community adviser at Eaton Hall. He’s a junior studying kinesiology and health while also working towards his goal of becoming a physical therapist!

Why did you become a CA?
“One of the main reasons I wanted to become a CA was the fact that I could be of assistance regardless of the time of day. I have always valued being a resource to anyone, and this job has been challenging, yet fulfilling that area!”

What is your favorite part about being a CA?
“My favorite part is definitely seeing growth in the level of comfortability through the residents. That comes from interactions not only with me, but with their own peers that they live with. The more a couple residents become more involved in hanging out, it can spread throughout the whole floor which results in an inclusive environment throughout the house.”

If you had any advice to give to future CAs, what would it be?
“Be sure to develop community and focus on yourself. It can be easy to forget that you are also a student, so making sure time is set aside for yourself is important.”

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